>> Add
Steamed rice +$1.75
Chicken fried rice +$2.50
Kale fried brown rice
>> Add small salad +$3.00

Edamame (V)   $4.75

Agedashi Tofu (V)    $5.75

Deep-fried tofu with soy-glazed sauce

*Gluten-free sauce +$1.00

Double Fried French Fries (V)    $7.50

with lemon & spicy mayo

Quinoa Spring Rolls (2pc) (V)  $7.50

Quinoa and swiss chard fried spring roll 

served with vegan dipping sauce

Kara-age (3pc)    $9.50

Japanese crispy fried chicken

with lemon & spicy mayo

Homemade Gyoza (5pc)   $10.00

Chicken Gyoza with Ponzu sauce

Shrimp Croquette  $10.25

Shrimp and cream croquette with tartar sauce

Crab Cakes   $10.25

Crabmeat and sweet potato croquette with tartar sauce

Demi-Glace Poutine  $10.25

Double Fried French Fries with
homemade demi-glace sauce and cheese

*Add pulled beef +2.50

Chicken Dumpling Soup   $9.50

Homemade chicken bone soup with chicken meatballs

Beet & Orange Salad (V)    $11.50

Beets, orange, mixed greens, tomato and

sliced almonds with gluten-free raspberry vinaigrette

Caesar Salad Della Casa    $11.50

Romaine lettuce, crunchy bacon and croutons 
with homemade caesar dressing 

Simple Mixed Salad (V)   $8.50

Mixed greens, tomatoes and sliced radish
with gluten-free raspberry vinaigrette

Chicken Fried Rice    $8.25                    

Kale Brown Fried Rice (V)   $9.25   

Steamed Rice (V)   $3.00

(V) Vegetarian menu                    
Pulled Beef Sandwich    $16.25

Japanese slow-cooked pulled beef served with
pickled ginger, green peppercorns
and cabbage slaw with mixed salad or fries

Karaage Fried Chicken Meal    $16.50

Japanese crisp fried chicken served with fries
or fried rice, with lemon & spicy mayo

Yakitori Don    $16.75

Soy glazed grilled chicken leg, pickled ginger,
green peppercorns, vegetables served on rice

*Add poached egg +$1.75   *Gluten-free sauce +$1.00

Gyu Don    $18.25

Japanese slow-cooked pulled beef, pickled ginger,

green peppercorns and vegetables served on rice

*Add poached egg +$1.75

Hamburg Steak    $18.50

Burger steak with demi-glace sauce, vegetables

served with tomato sauce based chicken fried rice

*Add fried egg +$1.75

Omurice**    $18.25

Fluffy omelette served on tomato sauce-based
chicken fried rice with demi-glace sauce
**contains parmesan cheese

Grilled Marinated Salmon    $18.50

Soy-based marinated wild salmon served with vegetables,
with kale fried brown rice 

Vegetarian Main
Vegan Chickpea Curry (V)    $16.50

Homemade curry with chickpea, spiced of

cumin and cardamom, steamed vegetables

with a choice of naan or steamed rice

*Add grilled chicken leg +$3.50

Agedashi Don (V)    $16.25

Deep-fried tofu and vegetables with soy-glazed

sauce served on rice

*Gluten-free sauce +$1.00 

Chocolate Lava   $7.50

Chocolate cake with dark chocolate cream inside, a hint of orange zest. Warm it up at home and have an experience of the rich and bold taste of the cake.

Japanese Cheese Cake    $7.50

Fluffy baked souffle lemony cheesecake with a homemade berry sauce on the side 

Chestnut  Crème Brûlée    $7.50

The rich flavour of roasted chestnut custard cream.  

*Not available for take-out

Chicken Dumplings Hot Pot    $18.90

Boiled meal served with chicken meatballs, tofu and vegetables within the homemade chicken broth. 

Yuzu Miso Fish Stew Hot pot   $18.90

Gluten-free. Cod, tofu and vegetable within miso-based broth and a hint of yuzu citrus flavour.