$18.00* /per person

Choice of your: 

+ 1  Platter

+ 3 Appetizers

*Minimum order for 12 people

*Please note: service fee and delivery fee are extra.


Sandwich platter*

Turkey & cheese,

smoked salmon & cream cheese
and grilled vegetables (V)


*Multi-grain bread


Sushi rolls platter*

Smoked salmon & avocado,
spicy tuna salad & cucumber and
avocado & cucumber (v)


*Wasabi, soy sauce, and

  homemade pickled ginger on the side


Western Style

Stuffed baked cheese puffs: 2 pc

Shrimp & avocado tartare, or
smoked salmon & goat cheese (VG)


Bruschetta: 2 pc

Fresh tomato & bocconcini cheese, or
sautéed mushroom & caramelized onion (VG)


Homemade falafel (V, GF) :2 pc

with homemade tahini

Homemade chicken sausage (GF): 2 pc

with gherkin and grainy mustard

Shrimp creamy croquette: 1 pc

Béchamel based croquette,
homemade tartare sauce


Crab cake: 1 pc

Crab meat, sweet potato, red pepper,
homemade tartare sauce


Arancini: 1 pc

Cheese-stuffed rice ball croquette,
homemade tomato sauce


Fresh vegetable sticks (VG, GF)

Fresh creamy tzatziki


Beet & orange mini salad (V, GF)

Roasted beet, goat cheese and orange,
gluten-free red wine vinaigrette

Asian Style

Shrimp spring rolls: 2 pc

Crispy fried, shrimp and green onion


Quinoa spring rolls (V): 2 pc

crispy fried, quinoa, Swiss chard, Nappa
and homemade vegan BBQ sauce


Homemade bao: 1 pc

Barbecue pork or chicken or
garlic chive and Nappa (VG) filling bun


Homemade gyoza: 3 pc

Potstickers filling with
ground chicken & green onion filled, or
garlic chive and Nappa cabbage (VG)


Kara-age fried chicken: 2 pc

Japanese style crispy fried chicken,
homemade lemon & spicy mayo


Tofu fritters* (V) :3 pc

with soy glazed sauce

*Vegan and gluten-free available