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Catering Service
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From Western to Asian style, casual or formal,
we cater the best match dishes to you for any occasion.




Your events are always special for us. No matter what your needs are, small social events or private parties, you can count on COO café bread or rice for the support you deserve. And, we see each customer as unique which is why all of our menus and services can be completely fit and preferences. 

Outdoor Summer Party
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Let's get together and enjoy sharing tasty meals with your family and friends. 

Western or Asian style,
our selections will definitely make everyone to be happy.

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A special occasion? 

Have a restaurant experience at your home. 

Our chef will create
a course menu and serve them for you. 



Tasty and safety.

All in one box is easy to serve and ready to eat.

Great for a  meeting or outdoor lunch. 



Chef Nagisa Hashimoto is one of the foremost culinary talents to come from Tokyo 25 years ago. Since his life has started in Canada, he worked at a number of prominent restaurants, from Japanese to classic French cuisine, where he developed his unique style and creative flair. He has also worked for the Japanese embassy in Toronto.

After many experiences at restaurants, Nagisa and his wife had opened their own restaurant, COO café bread or rice in 2015 where they provide customers French-Japanese cuisine "Yoshoku" style. They took people on a casually but extraordinary cuisine. 

His passion for food has never ended. Now, the COO Café Kitchen is full of his tastes to your home and events anytime. 

Enjoy your gatherings and great foods! We host world-class private events and advise other culinary entities.

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